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Cheap Beads for Making a Pretty Necklace

Cheap Beads for Making a Pretty Necklace

    The summer is coming. We not need thick scarf to keep warm. Some people may feel that the neckline needs something to avoid blank. In this case, necklaces or pendants will do great help. You can choose to wear a pretty necklace to highlight your beautiful neckline. And necklaces made of various beads are still many people’s favorite.

Paua Shell Beads

    Some people may like to find a piece of necklace from local stores. Sometimes, though they spend a lot of time and energy, they still can’t get a satisfying result. Either they may not like the color, or they will be discontented with the style. They, why not start to make a necklace with cheap beads yourself?

    These days, it is a fashion trend to make one’s own exclusive jewelry for people believe that the unique items can better express their individuality. Only with beads, cord, clasps, findings and a little time, you will be able to make a necklace. Needless to say, there are some aspects you should be enough attention.


round turquoise beads

    First of all, attach importance to the choice of beads. Since there are countless cheap beads available in the market, such as, European charm beads,coral beads, pearls beads, shell beads, etc. You need make sure that you choose the one you like best. Color, size, shape, design of beads are all factors that you should take into consideration.
    Then, you can’t ignore the length of your necklace. Two long or too short will affect its beauty. You’d better purchase a beading cord a few inches more than your desired length. When you string the beads to a necklace, I suggest you use some spacer beads to distinguish the normal beads. This will make the necklace appears more attractive.

white round shell pearl beads

    Moreover, some beginners of jewelry making may feel puzzled about the design style. Don’t give up. You can read some fashion magazines to get inspiration, or you can visit some online VioletteJewelryto gain design ideas.