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Design a Necklace with Coral Beads


Design a Necklace with Coral Beads

    In the market, many kinds of loose beads are suitable for making a beautiful necklace, such as, European charm beads, gemstone beads, pearls beads, howlite turquoise beads, agate beads, amethyst beads, etc. All these beads are able to complete wonderful necklaces.

    With so many choices, some people may prefer to the latest European charm beads, while others would like to choose the stylish gemstone beads. Admittedly, European charm beads and gemstone beads gain globe popularity today. But if you are planning to design a classic necklace, I suggest you consider coral beads.

    Coral beads are one of the oldest beads. They have been applied in jewelry making for a long time as well as shell beads and pearls beads. Their classic looks captured many people’s eyes, especially middle-aged people. Coral beads are perfect to make necklaces. Long necklaces made of lovely coral beads look beautiful and attractive.


    We all know that European charm beads have big holes, so it would be easy to string these beads. However, holes of coral beads are small, you should be careful while stringing them. Moreover, coral beads are delicate materials which require good care. You should pay attention to the design style, or you will destroy the original form of coral beads.