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Shell jewelry

Shell jewelry

    Shell jewelry and accessories are in fashion this season. Most of us like to pick up many pretty shells that have been washed ashore when we have a trip on the beach.
    The potential of shells is limited only by your imagination. One common problem of working with shells is how fragile and brittle they can be. The easiest way to alleviate this problem is to attach the shells to a hard surface such as wood. Great examples of this method are frames, jewelry boxes, and mirrors. All it takes is glue that bonds well with wood and organic material, some unfinished wood products, your shells, and some creativity. To finish your design off, a non-yellowing clear gloss will keep the shells shiny and provide some protection and durability. Most of the products you need for these projects can be purchased at the local craft store or online jewelry store.

    It is a good way to use the shells for handmade jewelry. Nowadays, beading has become a very popular hobby and business venture; shells can be used in the same way. You may have to take a jewelry making class or spend some time practicing techniques and designs, but the end results can be amazing and very satisfying.
    You can make any type of jewelry you want using the shells, shell earrings, shell pendants, shell necklace etc. Giving the rein to your imagination now!!


paua shell pendants 

Material:New Zealand Paua Shell

paua shell bracelet


black shell necklace